The Art ICU was established late 2021 by a collection of friends that met through an NFT community. A shared bond forged through misfortune on the less publicised, darker side of Web3 led to the creation of the Art ICU Discord server. The server provided a safe space for our small but close knit community to hangout, chat and experience first hand some of the skills required to run and moderate a server. 

A drawing depicting colourful people viewing art on the wall of the Art ICU gallery.

Since its establishment the server has remained a low key safe space to discuss anything from upcoming NFT projects to current affairs. Initially it was an invite only arrangement, but by no means exclusive. The server has since been opened up to allow anyone that wishes to join access to do so. Our only rule, 'be cool, don't be like, un-cool'.

The future plans for the Art ICU are forever changing. Our main focus will always be on helping the Web3 community in whatever way we can. Supporting grass roots artists, musicians and friends we've met along the way. The Art ICU is there to provide help and support to the many others out there that have felt the wrath of Web3, let's not forget it's still the wild west out there. If you know anyone that has been scammed, bought into a rug pull or just exiled from a community for no good reason, then send them our way and we will welcome them with open arms. Stay safe out there. 


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